Ragdoll Cattery Rebranding
We have some new exciting news regarding our cattery name!


Wrighteous Ragdolls has produced many incredible kittens and worked with many incredible breeders and wonderful pet families over the last 10+ years. Leah Wright and I (Emily Brezina) have made the decision to separate into two catteries. Leah has been an incredible mentor and co breeder over our years together as Wrighteous Ragdolls. Leah has fallen in love with the stunning British Shorthair breed and has decided to shift her focus to breeding these beautiful cats. In order to avoid confusion for our pet adopters and keep everything clear and concise in the breeding community Leah’s British Shorthair Cattery will become “Wrighteous Brits” and Emily will continue working exclusively with our beloved Ragdolls and the Ragdoll Cattery will become “PrettyPurrs”.

The PrettyPurrs breeding girls are all 4-5th generation Wrighteous lines on their mother’s side. We couldn’t be more proud that the lines we have worked with for almost a decade are now the foundation of PrettyPurrs!

This change is primarily in name only and this will not affect any of our families waiting to adopt a ragdoll kitten from us. The waitlist will remain in the same order it is now and our adoption process will remain the same. We will be transitioning to our new website over the next few months and will notify everyone when this is complete. Until we have our new website up and running we will still be using our current website www.wrighteousragdolls.com. Our Wrighteous Ragdolls Facebook page will remain active and updates will be posted there. We encourage everyone to like and follow our new PrettyPurrs Ragdoll Cattery Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/PrettyPurrsRagdollCattery) where we will post updates as well. Our Instagram page will remain the same however once everything is complete, we will change our Instagram name to PrettyPurrs instead of WrighteousRagdolls.

Anyone interested in further information on Leah’s British Shorthair Cattery are encouraged to like and follow her Wrighteous British Shorthair Cattery Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/wrighteousbritscattery).

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