My name is Leah Wright and I have had an affinity for felines my whole life. After high school I completed a course in veterinary technology and worked for 17 years in the veterinary field. I have also worked as a dog/cat groomer and a dog trainer as well as owning and operating my own pet food and supply store. While working in the veterinary field, I was given the name “Catwhispurrer” due to my ability to calm the nervous ones and charm the aggressive ones.

I operate a very small, home-based cattery in Barrie, Ontario which is about 1 hour north of Toronto. I have recently semi-retired which gives me more time to focus on my cats and kittens.

After breeding ragdolls for more than 10 years I realized that, due to arthritis in my hands, I could no longer keep up with the grooming requirements of their beautiful long coats and so made the difficult decision to shift my focus to a breed with short hair.

I have loved the look and temperament of british shorthair cats for a long time and so it was an easy decision as to which shorthair breed I wanted to explore working with. I brought home my first brit, Scout, in February 2021 and knew very quickly that she was going to be the first of many brits in my life…and so began the British invasion.

I am devoted to selling only beautiful, healthy, well adjusted kittens and so all of my cats are tested for both hereditary and viral illnesses to ensure that they are in good health before breeding.


We pride ourselves on keeping things on a small scale and breeding just for the sheer pleasure of it as well as for the love and preservation of this wonderful breed. Our motto is Quality not Quantity.


We are a cage free cattery so all of our cats and kittens are housed as pets and loved as such. Kittens are raised as part of the family and well socialized with people, cats and the family dog which helps the transition to their forever home easier.


We keep a maximum of three breeding girls and try to space out our litters as best we can. This gives us more time to focus on each kitten individually and to consistently provide them with an abundance of love and attention.